Seattle children potential homelessness
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Seattle child services question: pending homelessness for 2 undocumented children...

Asking for a friend whose wife is a lawyer:

"wife just called with a problem, she has 2 kids, 13 and one younger who are undocumented,
Their mom is likely to be deported, and the kids need a place to live,
Can you think of anybody who might have some ideas???
Wife is not thinking social services as that would lead the feds to their mom…"

My first thought was to call CPS for advice not using any names, but that might not be possible, I don't know. Anyone have ideas on first steps here?
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Best answer: I guarantee that the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project can give her some advice about how to navigate services available, without any threats about her status.
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Best answer: I will also suggest the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, 615 2nd Ave Ste 400, Seattle, WA 98104-2244. Catholic Charities still does good immigrants' rights work, too, if you're inclined.
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Best answer: I've volunteered with Safe Families for Children and I think they'd probably have good advice, if not a temporary solution to the problem.
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Best answer: Help clarify-do the children need a place to live regardless, or will this only be an issue if mom is deported.

Not positive about WA, but in Oregon, we deal with undocumented folks every day in child welfare and we do not report them to ICE. The only time our involvement has led to deportation is if the parent is arrested for a separate crime-for instance, we work with law enforcement to investigate a sex abuse case, and undocumented dad is arrested for the sex abuse and eventually deported. Our law enforcement is great about this, understanding that we can't protect kids if the family is afraid to talk to us because they might get deported. YMMV, of course.

If the kids need housing, local churches-ESP catholic churches-can be a great place to start asking for help.
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Best answer: Also in CO child protection, we do not report undocumented children to any federal agency. We work to find other family locally, if that's at all a possibility. We'd even look for non-relative kin (like neighbors, teachers, coaches). It might be worth a call to the local CPS to ask about resources. You can ask questions anonymously.
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