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I missed the 2012 Olympics. I've heard there was a great scooter portion. I'd like to see this, but can only find video from within the club that rode. Does anyone know a link to video of the scooter ride from the audience/media viewpoint?
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There was no scooter portion at the 2012 Olympics. No motorised sport is allowed at the Olympics.

The only thing I can think is that the person who told you this got confused by the BMX bike races, which obviously are inspired by, and look very similar to, motocross.
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Or unless you mean the keirin? That has a derney (motorised pushbike) for several laps before a sprint finish by the track cyclists. IMO it's a great race, but I like watching track cycling at the Olympics.
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Best answer: Are you talking about the scooter segment in the closing ceremony? There's a (not great) video here.
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If you're talking about the closing ceremony, I saw it on TV. It wasn't that great. I mean, it was neat that there were scooters, but they just rode out into the arena and around slowly as a group. I think they were mostly Lambrettas.
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Best answer: Yeah, I think _paegan_ means the closing ceremony, not the sports :) This looks like someone's filmed the BBC broadcast of it on screen, quality's not perfect, but not bad.
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Response by poster: Yeah, no scooter portion of the actual Olympics, I meant the closing ceremony. I was being distracted by company while writing the question.
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