Do You Know What It Means to Rediscover New Orleans?
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Best way to rediscover New Orleans for a former resident and a best way to discover it for her newbie husband?

Hey guys, Shepherd and I are going to be in New Orleans the first week of October for our annual vacation. I want to make sure he enjoys his very first trip there and I would like to reconnect with a city I spent a lot of time in as a teen and as a young adult.

Details for me: I went to Mardi Gras every year from age 16 to 18. Then went to UNO for a bit, dropped out, and lived in the city until I moved to Atlanta in 1999. The last time I was in NO was the week before Katrina hit in 2005 (wherein I took my best friend who had never been at the time).

I know pretty much all of the bars I like best--Le Roundup, Buffa's, Snake's, the long deceased Mermaid Lounge, Molly's, the Abbey, the Alibi, Coop's, etc.--but are there any I need to know about? My husband's a music fan of all stripes so I am hoping there will be a Tin Men/Alex McMurray show while we're there. His website will tell me that.

As for food, I am now a vegan--and I know the pickings are slim but if you have a bead on something, let me know---but my husband isn't. So I would like a meal or two that caters to the best of what the city has to offer but where I can still eat too.

He is also very arty and museum-oriented so suggestions in that regard would be welcome. (I didn't take advantage of it when I was there because hey, young and ready to be stupid.)

We're staying via AirBnB in the Treme/Marigny area and will not have access to a car. We rented an apartment so that we can prepare some of our meals. Good markets for food buying is a bonus. But we won't really need one but we would like to rent bikes. Is that doable?

Also, where are good places to get your morning run in? City Park sounds good but is it too much of a pain to get there from where we are just for an a.m. run?

Anyway, any and all suggestions would be appreciated! I am looking forward to going back to a place that meant so much at significant points in my life.

(And yes, we would like to meet fellow MeFites. I promise not to threadsit too much here as well.)
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Satsuma Cafe in the Bywater is utterly delicious brunch or lunch near where you're staying. I'm very excited that they are opening another one uptown next week.
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I got back from New Orleans a few weeks back. Riding a bike around the city was absolutely my favorite thing when I was there. I got mine from the place I was staying though, so I don't have any leads on rentals.
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NOMA, though I find the collection a little underwhelming. This would probably depend on where you guys live now, where he's from, and where he's traveled, though. It's perfectly fine as small-city museums go, but it's no Metropolitan Museum or Getty.

I grew up working at the Contemporary Arts Center's summer camp, so I've got a soft spot for it. Definitely worth checking out.

There's also the Ogden Museum, which I haven't visited but have heard great things about, and the Newcomb Gallery at Tulane. Newcomb, the former Women's College counterpart to Tulane, is famous for a specific style of pottery, so you guys should try to see some if it's on display there. Not sure if it's called "Newcomb Gallery" coincidentally or the pottery is part of the point of it.

There are also a ton more historically oriented museum, like the National WWII Museum (grew up in the area and yet somehow STILL haven't been!), the Civil War Museum (heavy on the Confederacy, FYI), and the Cabildo. I also love the Pharmacy Museum, which is an old Apothecary in the French Quarter that's been kitted out in historical displays. In my opinion it's on par with Philadelphia's Mutter Museum and other medical museums, though it doesn't get the attention the Mutter gets.

I think there's also a Voodoo museum, but I can't vouch for its quality or accuracy.
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For about three years, I had an annual work meeting in New Orleans, which I always took as an opportunity to cash in some non-existnant vacation time, because, well, New Orleans! Work always booked us close to the French Quarter, and so I ran into Mr. Okra a few times (glad to know I didn't hallucinate him). Awesome fresh produce.

oh my lord, the music and stuff like this? I need to get back to New Orleans.
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If you like the Arts & Crafts era style, definitely the Newcomb Gallery. Aside from the pottery, there's also some gorgeous architecture and stained glass windows. (And it was named after the college, which was where the pottery was created by the students.)

And, actually, most of the Tulane campus is nice to look at. I always thought so when I was there. And since you can just get the streetcar from the Quarter up to it, it's a nice mellow afternoon journey. Lots to look at.

There's always the French Market for fresh vegetables, plus there's the Crescent City Farmers Market (although I can't vouch for it, 'cause I never used it).

And based on some googling, there is a pretty neat bike rental place.
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If you're staying in the Marigny, I highly recommend Mimi's. One of my favorite bars in the city.
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