therapist/life coach in southeastern Michigan
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Need a therapist, or help.. something. Preferably one that uses a sliding pay scale. Somewhere in southeastern Michigan.. ideally somewhere wayne county or the eastern end of washtenaw county.

Being completely up front here: I'm currently having a panic attack. This is what I'm calling it. I feel like everything that I mention in this question still applies. On top of this, the environment of my job went from awesome to sucktastic in the last year.. and hundreds of other things. I am so far flipping behind on my deadlines at work. I don't think my relationship with my SO is going to turn out like I want it to, but I really really love this person. I might have crossed a line with my best friend in an effort to give her some tough love. My sister keeps hounding me about my mother's health and not making my stress about her mortality any better. I don't have a driver's license and despite my very best intentions, I always seem to chicken out. If I didn't have to flipping parallel park I would be fine. I feel like a failure and I just feel like I'm about to fucking lose it!

I just don't have the energy to call around and find therapists. I'm not even sure if I have the energy to talk to a therapist. I need help, I don't know how to get myself help.

maybe I need a life coach? I feel embarrassed to say this, but I feel like I need my hand held to handle all of this. How do you find someone who can force you to do the things you keep putting off because you have no motivation?

and how do I pay someone like this on a part-time job.

Sorry, I know this feels disjointed. I honestly just feel at my wits end and the panic attack isn't helping.
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Best answer: Rena Seltzer is a very good life coach in Ann Arbor, with a background in therapy. The first consultation is free. She works over the phone and sometimes by e-mail so not driving is no big deal. I don't know about her pay scale. You say, "I need help, I don't know how to get myself help." That is probably something she could help you with.
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Best answer: Alternately: when I was once feeling much like you do (for very different reasons), I took myself to the ER. From there I was referred to our local community mental health offices. They did a good job of dealing with me in my crisis.

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health.

Detroit/Wayne County Community Mental Health
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Best answer: This place offers sliding scale, I called for you.

One of the ways I get myself out of panic mode is to stand up and march in place for a minute. Or take a shower. Anything to break the brain-cycle.

I also crunch on almonds: the crunching does something to help, and they have magnesium, which relaxes me (or at least, I think it does!).

The other alternative is to go to the ER if it gets really bad. They often have crisis counselors available or can refer you to someone low cost.

I've been at this point during extremely stressful periods in my life. Tell everyone else (aka hounding sister) you have the flu and get your mental health taken care of ASAP.
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Best answer: If I didn't have to flipping parallel park I would be fine.

Hey, I know a trick for parallel parking that helped me go from very bad at it to pretty good in short order!

1. Line up the middle and/or butt of your car with those of the car beside you, which will end up in front of you.
2. Look in your rearview mirror. You're going to track the car behind you.
3. Start backing up and just about immediately start turning your wheel toward the curb. Go slow and keep your eyes glued to the rearview mirror. The car behind you will start to disappear from view.
4. The second you can't see the car behind you in the mirror anymore, that's when you turn your wheel back the other way. If you have a good amount of room, this will often land you right where you want the car to be, and then you just have to straighten the wheels out.
5. Success!

I don't live in Michigan anymore so I'm no help with the therapy stuff, but if I can parallel park, you can too!
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It's recommended often here, and I also personally attest that it is helpful in working trough anxious times: David Burns' Feeling Good Handbook. Spend the $16 on Amazon and don't be afraid to write in the book; it will help teach you to process these difficult times in a healthier way. (and yeah, the cover is godawful cheesy. But it's a helpful book. Try it.)
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Check your mail.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

I put in a call to my local community mental health office, like not that girl suggested. They're going to work with me to find a therapist in my area.

and thanks for the tip clavicle!
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