Downloading one file out of a large torrent?
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How can I use Azureus to download just one file out of a big torrent that includes many files?

I'm not seeing much in the way of docs on the Azureus site, though I may be missing the obvious. I'm also having a hard time googling meaningfully due to the ubiquity of the search terms.

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I just used Bitcomet the other day to do this. Bitcomet will give you checkboxes to select individual files. I gave up on Azureus in general...
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Start the torrent. Right-click on the torrent and say "Show details". Click on the "Files" tab and stop all files other than the one you want to download.
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Sorry, that should be "Click on the 'Files' tab and right click on all files you don't want to download, setting the Priority to 'Do Not Download'". You can use ctrl-click or shift-click to make selecting the files easier.
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It also helps to turn off the setting that says "allocate and zero files before starting" (or something like that). Otherwise it will still use all the space. Only important if you're near fullness on your disk -- though I always seem to be.
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