Rune priest ability tracker?
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Nerd alert: I'm playing a new rune priest in D&D. The class has tons of active and passive area effects to keep track of, which makes it both fun and challenging. Does anyone know of a worksheet I can use to make this easier? Something that I could glance at quickly to see what effects are active. I can certainly write one myself, but I'd like to save time if possible. Thanks!
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How many is a ton? Rather than a worksheet, maybe you could make up some little tokens that you can flip heads up or tails up to denote what effects are active.
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When I briefly played a runepriest, I did this as publicly as possible, since so many of their effects also spread to others in the group. I kept a tent-folded notecard for each power/effect, and put them on the table in front of me (for the party) or near the monster token (if it was a per-baddie effect) when they were active (all the ones like +1 hit, +2 AC, etc.). This not only helped me keep track, but kept me from being the "Hey wait one last thing I need to do to mess with your math!" person, as then we just agreed that everybody at the table was perfectly capable of and responsible for checking the cards for their math.
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I like the notecard idea...might try that out. Thanks!
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