How do I start being skechy?
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What are good resources for someone looking to start writing sketch comedy?

I've been taking improv classes and the local theater I take them at offers sketch classes, too, but I think it's something that I might be able to start on my own. What books, websites or other resources are useful to someone looking to start writing and/or performing sketch comedy?
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You might want to explore the Marc Maron podcast WTF, and specifically seek out comedic writers and sketch comedy performers.

Some are better than others, but you'll usually be entertained and often come away with anecdotes and techniques relevant to writing and performance!
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You mean beyond a list of some of the greatest sketch comedy in TV history, the kind of list that would start with Monty Python's Flying Circus, Kids in the Hall, and Chappelle's Show?
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Yes, beyond that. Assume I grew up on SNL, KITH, Mr. Show, Monty Python and the like.
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I do random skype conferences and toss shit around a group of people I know working related projects. Come check it out.
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