GI Diet: How do I work out GIs for non-listed items?
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I've just put my portly frame on a GI Diet. I have books that detail what main ingredients are allowed, but how can I work out rough GI ratings for specific items that aren't on any lists? Also, is there a good free website that can help?
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Try Fit Day, it's a great tool. Free reg.
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Ooops - premature cut off! Have you tried this GI calculator?
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The University of Sydney has a searchable GI database. If you haven't already chosen a specific eating plan, may I recommend the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet? You can download a 16-page overview of the diet with 7 weeks of meal plans (and lots of recipes) here, or buy the book.
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...and that'll teach me not to mousehover existing links on the page.
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