Where can I find the right mental health provider for my friend?
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Central Texas Filter: I need recommendations for mental health providers (especially in the Austin area) who specialize in treating profoundly gifted adults with severe mental health issues (including suicidal ideation) and/or sleep disorders.

I am asking on behalf of a friend. Anything approximating these requirements within a 100-mile radius of Austin would be welcome. Thanks.
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I think you should ask NAMI Austin this same question. 512-420-9810 is the number; they're in the office from 10am-12pm tomorrow.
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I really like my psychiatrist, Dr. Kim Kjome. She prescribes my meds for my bipolar disorder and is probably going to prescribe a narcolepsy med for my sleep issues, next session.
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I'm honestly not trying to sound snarky, but very often when people talk about being 'too profoundly gifted' or too intelligent for most mental health professionals it's rather an issue of narcissism. Could that be part of the equation? If so, look into someone who deals with narcissistic personality disorder, or PDs in general. On the whole, one is not so profoundly gifted that they can't benefit from well trained mental health guidance... Also, there are no internship or fellowship specialties in profoundly gifted adults, so it would come down to just having had a lot of experience with them, which I doubt is terribly common.
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You know, it is premature to pathologize anything - forget PDs, maybe it's just a misunderstanding of what a therapist does. S/he does not need to be smarter than you, just good at understanding your patterns and applying well-researched tools to them.
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I don't know if he's still practicing since it's been 10 years since I've been in Austin, but... George Dickey is one of the best psychologists I've ever had.
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