Can I use a French sim card with my Droid Razr?
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Can I use a French sim card in my Droid Razr?

I'm moving to Paris for a year, and was planning on buying a French cell phone while there for texting and calls and bringing my Droid Razr for using wifi, reading books, and listening to music. Today I got an email from Verizon saying that Razrs now are global capable, which googling tells me means that they can work with GSM. My phone is currently running Jelly Bean and has the option to switch over to a GSM network mode- does this mean that I'll be able to buy a French sim card and have it work with my phone? If so, do I have to unlock my phone first, or can I just switch out my Verizon sim card for a French one?

I'd rather just bring my smartphone and use it there than having to carry around two different phones all day. I did try calling Verizon and Motorola's customer service lines, and neither were very helpful nor informative. Using Verizon's global roaming plan for a year is definitely not an option for me as well.
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You need to ask Verizon for a "SIM unlock" on your Droid Razr. Once you do that, you can use a foreign SIM card in the phone. You need to have been a Verizon customer in good standing for at least 60 days, and your line needs to have been active for at least 60 days. You can request a SIM unlock once every ten months. Call up Verizon Global Support. This post tells you how to do it for an iPhone, but it should be similar for your Droid Razr.
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I've been in Paris for one month now, so I feel like I've got this SIM card thing down pat by now.

I actually did not need to get my SIM unlocked. I learned after coming to France that Droid Razrs were unlocked for global use with the newest software update in July. All I had to do was order a SIM card and set up a year-long plan with a French cell phone company, insert the new SIM card, and follow the instructions in this Droid forum post.

I now have a working phone in France, and it's wonderful!
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