We are visiting Paris for 5 days in mid-September. Where should we stay?
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We are visiting Paris for 5 days in mid-September but don't yet have a place to stay. We'd like to find something unique, central to the city, friendly, and affordable (<$100/night). Any recommendations?

My girlfriend and I are visiting Paris next month and have very little time to plan. We have our airline tickets in hand but not much beyond that. Neither of us have been to Paris for over 10 years. We don't want to plan a series of major sight seeing activities but rather intend to spend most of our days just wandering the city on foot, with not particular direction in mind. We've found a number of recommendations to see the sewers and catacombs and may check that out. While we are confident that our no-plan plan will be a nice experience we have no idea where to stay. We're concerned that with our lack of time to plan at this point we'll be paying too much for too little. While we don't mind the hostel crowd, we've both done plenty of that around the world and would prefer to have a bit more privacy. If anyone has recent recommendations on where to stay (or any tips on Paris in general) we'd be much obliged.
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I stayed at this place from Airbnb. It was a small studio room (but larger than typical budget hotel room) in a beautiful neighborhood near the Sacre Couer and Moulin Rouge. I would HIGHLY recommend it, or anything else on AirBNB. Less than $200.

Another option: sign up for the Hyatt Visa Card. I don't have it, but it gives you 2 free nights at any Hyatt in the world.

I stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris for free for a night and it changed my life. One night there is 500 euro a night-- you can stay there for free for spending a little on that card.
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I did just fine with finding fairly last minute accomodations via AirBnb. There were lots of entire apartments for rent for 75-100 CAD per night. (Unfortunately, the one I stayed at -- which was fantastic -- is no longer available.)
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Yeah, AirBNB is a great resource for a city like Paris. I've stayed at 3 AirBNB apartments around Paris and really had a great time. Cheaper than a hotel and more likely to be in a "regular" part of the city. This one was my favorite, and Ludwig has several similar listings around town.
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Just chiming in to echo what everyone is saying. I have stayed in two different apartments from Airbnb in Paris, and I loved both of them. One was much larger than what you'd be looking for. But the other might be perfect for you if you and your girlfriend are not put off by a bunkbed.

The location is spectacular, on Ile Saint-Louis.
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If you do end up going for a hotel, I can recommend the Residence Les Gobelins in the Latin Quarter. It's basic, but it's clean, affordable and the radios built into the bedframes will only play TSF Jazz, so it's got an interesting 1920's in Paris vibe. It's also a short walk from the Rue Mouffetard which is a great way to get in and out of the centre of town, lots of street stalls and amazing food.
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airbnb all the way. We (a family of four plus a small dog) stayed in a well located apartment in Montparnasse for around 100$ per night. It was awesome, but I can't find it back right now...
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nthing AirBnB. We stayed right next to Centre Popedeau for like $100 or so a night in a great studio apartment--on Blanche Nuit. You shouldn't have a problem finding a place that meets your needs.
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I stayed at the Grand Hotel Leveque (at a MeFites recommendation) and I really enjoyed it -- it was on a cute cobblestoned street, very close to the Eiffel Tower. This was two years ago, and I paid 74 euros per night for a room with a sink. (The toilet was down the hall.) It was small, but clean and comfortable and very charming. Anyway, for a double room it might be over your budget, but I thought I'd mention it just in case!
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I've stayed at the Leveque. It's on Rue Cler, which is a very pretty little street. You can get more central, but we walked just about everywhere we went within the 1-6 arrondissements.
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I stayed at the Hotel Esmeralda once and though it's not fancy by any stretch of the word, it was clean and safe and the location was tremendous.
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It's the French equivalent of a Travelodge, I think. but we stayed in the Porte D'Chatillon Formule 1. You can walk to the flea market at Porte De Vanves, and it's not far from Gare Du Nord on the Metro - and a fairly close walk to other places - and it's also near a couple of supermarkets which is a big plus for me. It was £34 a night for a double room. Seriously. It is sort of halls of residence/dorm room style, but if you really are on a budget it's a good option. It's definitely more private than a hostel - as we were a couple I wasn't sure about a hostel or airBnB room, took the recommendation from a friend who stayed there, and am planning to go back when I visit with my friend in a couple of months.
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Another vote for Airbnb! We stayed here recently and it couldn't BE more central to everything if you wanted to just amble around on foot, including great eats on Rue Montorgueil.

I recommend you up your budget to around $100 (as opposed to less than $100) if you want a centralish location. If you are too far away from things you want to see, you may have to factor in Metro fare which could cancel out any lodging savings.

Also, something super fun to do? Bike tour with these guys is definitely worth the $. They are fun, safe, keep the group small, and know their stuff. Don't go with the Fat Tire tour - their groups are way too big!
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As far as real hotels go, I second the Leveque if you want to be in the Eiffel Tower area. In the last couple years the solarhotel opened up in my neighborhood (near the catacombs), and advertises 69EUR/night rooms, including wifi and breakfast. I haven't seen a room, but the lobby looks nice, it's new, and the location is great. This is the perfect neighborhood to start long walks from, get fresh food from rue Daguerre, and take the metro/RER anywhere. Easy access to both airports and most train stations. Not very touristy, very French-y, and not isolated.
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There are lots of interesting bed and breakfast places available via Alcove and Agapes - most involve staying as a paying guest with the host although some are independent apartments.
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I just booked a place in Rome through these people. I haven't actually seen the place yet, but it was the best sounding place I could find at reasonably short notice for a (really) great price.
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This is way too late in the game for the original poster, but I always recommend the Eldorado Hotel, which is extremely central, in a funky neighborhood and is calm and has a lovely courtyard. The restaurant in front (the Bistrot des Dames) also serves great food... Oh and rooms start at 40€ for a single and go to 95€
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