How can I order a basket of tasty treats for family vacationing in Switzerland?
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My in-laws are vacationing in Beatenberg in Switzerland. I want to get them a basket of great food delivered to their apartment. How do I do this?

I don't speak German/French/etc. but I can probably get help from someone who does. I also have the exact address. The equivalent in the US would be to call Dean & Delucca or Zabars, but I am not sure how the whole food delivery thing works in Europe, and especially in rather rural Switzerland. I realize this is also likely pricey, so I'll pay what is needed, but I would rather not take out a second mortgage. Any specific recommendations on services that are good would be really appreciated.
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Globus (a department store in Switzerland) might do it.

Their gift-basket website (german only):

Contact information (they will probably speak English:)

Not sure how they would manage delivery, but you can sort that out with them. Switzerland is expensive; Globus doubly so. It won't be cheap.
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