Moving clips from iMovieHD to iMovie '11
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I have many short movies in iMovie HD. I need to select clips from these movies and paste them into a new movie in iMovie '11. How do I do it?

Copy/paste does not work. Standing by to answer any questions! Thanks.
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Can you, from iMovie 11, browse your iMovie HD events and pull in clips from there?
posted by shino-boy at 4:46 PM on August 15, 2012

Well, I can import entire iMovie HD events, but all I need is one or two tiny clips from each. I'm hoping to avoid importing all the movies, for one thing because they're all on an external drive and I don't have room for them on my laptop so it would be very tedious.
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How many clips do you need to transfer, a lot?

If you want to transfer entire clips: I would hook up the external HDD (with iMovie HD events) and import those into your iMovie 11 session.

If you want to transfer selections of clips from HD -> 11, you might have to export those selections one by one from HD then import them into 11.

It's possible that favorited clips from HD events might import into 11 with the favorites intact but I've not tried that.
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I need to transfer about 20 short clips from 20 different HD movies into one new movie in 11.
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