Bluetooth headphone recommendation with Windows 7
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Looking for Bluetooth headphone recommendation to replace Motorola S305 which don't work with Windows 7

I really like the Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphones. But I cannot pair them with my Dell running Windows 7. I found a Microsoft site which stated that they are not Windows 7 compatible.
MS page

These are worn over the ear, behind the head. They are comfortable, reasonably small and light. Here is a link: Motorola S305

Ideally, I'd like my new headphones to support pairing to more than one device at a time. This is an available option but the ones that offer it seem to be too large.

I like the look of this very small Plantronics BackBeat Go headphones:
BackBeat Go
But they don't support paring multiple devices and I can't find any statement that they support Windows 7.

Does anyone have a recommendation?
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