The amount of movies set in Paris is too damn high
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Help me find a romantic movie set in Paris, further details are fuzzy.

A friend of mine is looking for a specific movie and our combined google fu has failed us, there's just too many Paris based romances. Browsing through this list didn't help either.

What he remembers: It's (maybe partly) set in Paris, released in the 90s/00s, male lead is a photographer or artist. There might be a scene in it, where the male lead takes pictures of the female lead from a balcony or window which kicks off the relationship. More of an artistic movie / drama than a romantic comedy. He said that some of these details may be wrong though.

Any ideas despite the rather generic clues?
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Could be Before Sunrise or Before Sunset. The former is set in Vienna, but the latter is set in Paris. Male lead is an author, definitely "artistic movies/dramas" and not romantic comedies.
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The Science of Sleep is about a creative/artist guy who falls in love with his neighbor. Dreamscapes ensue.
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Maaaaaaaybe Russian Dolls? Definitely has some scenes in Paris, male lead is a writer, two love interests, the one in Paris is a model, maybe? The balcony thing is ringing a faint bell but I haven't seen this movie in years. A romantic comedy, but with some touches that keep it from feeling formulaic.
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Probably not Amélie, but photographs do play a large role in the plot and it sure is artsy.
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None of these unfortunately, Before Sunrise was one of my guesses as well.
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Maybe 2 Days in Paris?

Funny culture clash/romance vegicle for (yes, again) Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg. Photographs do play a role... ;)
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vegicle? vehicle!
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IMDB Keyword search might help here:

Paris / Photographer
Paris / Balcony / Photographer

You can add or remove keywords to narrow or widen the list.
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Total long shot, but was it the 1995 version of Sabrina? The lead (Harrison Ford) at one point took a picture of Sabrina (Julia Ormond) out on a balcony/terrace. It is partly set in Paris, as well.
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Nope, not Sabrina (1995) either, sadly.

We'll keep searching, thanks for the idea with the keywords on imdb.
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