Moved back to the Netherlands, and I'm hungry.
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Mefites of Holland! Send me to your favorite ethnic grocery stores and trattorias in de Randstad. Bonus points for North Holland (esp. Haarlem-A'dam-Alkmaar), and you win 1,000 internets if you know of a real Mexican, Thai or Indian grocer anywhere within 250k of Amsterdam.
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real mexican: los pilones amsterdam kerkstraat 63 (this is a regular restaurant)
tex mex: the taco shop, amsterdam Tolstraat 200 and the Amstel. My goto for when I'm hungry.
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Spice (Indian) looks promising! It's in Amstelveen, so in the right area, but I've never been there myself so I can't vouch for it.
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Hon, we are so gonna talk on Saturday. In the meantime:

For Thai groceries you want a toko. Dun Yong is one of my favorites, as is Amazing Oriental, both have branches in A'dam's modest Chinatown and there are other tokos in the same neighborhood, so what one doesn't carry, the other will.

For Indian groceries, the one I used to go to is now closed, so I pick up things at tokos (they also carry some Indian ingredients). But here is a site with specialized stores - scroll down.

For Mexican, I have to admit I usually buy the stuff available at large AH stores... but a friend has ordered here and says I should too.

This list might help some for other locations/cities.

Oh, and for when the craving for processed food hits - and it will - you know about these guys, right?
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This page also lists a Kashmiri Foodstore on Lindenlaan 380 in Amstelveen, but I've never been there so I can't vouch for its quality or even its existence.

Amstelveen has a large Indian expat community, so the presence of Indian grocery stores isn't surprising. The website of the Indian Expat Society might provide more leads.
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Response by poster: These are all very helpful, thanks!
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If you're ever in the Amersfoort area, I would suggest a visit to Toko Tjin. It's located here, and they appear to have an online shop.

As for general advice, take a walk around Amstelveen and you'll see plenty of Japanese and Indian grocery stores (quality varies greatly).
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I've got a half-decent Indian store in Nijmegen, Toko Taj Mahal, which I can swing by before Saturday if you have emergency needs. As one might.

I've also heard great things about Los Pilones.
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Mexican restaurant: Tomatillo!
Thai restuarant: Thaicoon (yes, really) - it's amazingly good.
Indian catering: See if you can catch up with the Curry Queens.

Makro has a surprisingly good selection of ethnic foods. I got some cracking lime and chilli pickle there the other day. Vomar also has a good selection. At least, the one on Middenweg does.

Oh, and don't buy AH's own brand tortillas, they're disgusting.
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True dat. "Casa Fiesta" is the brand I meant. Not great, but not yuck.

Hey, Makro, yeah. And Hanos - but you have to qualify for membership (small business owner, purchaser for non-profit organization, etc.). Isn't that still the case?
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Yes you do have to be a business to shop at Makro. Oh! But opposite the one in Amsterdam Zuid Oost there's this really interesting looking "Asian food market". Huge! Haven't been in yet though.

Oh, and: Pure Markt is a relatively new mobile market thingy that's well worth checking out.
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Yeah, we are members, but I thought maybe the requirement might have changed. :)

That huge Asian food market in ZO is the Amazing Oriental wholesale location and it is pretty great! But, wholesale, so business requirement there, again.
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Response by poster: This is all fantastic! And I did see that Asian Food Market last time I was at that Makro in ZO.

...and yes, I too have been reduced to buying Casta Fiesta. If my friends in New York ever found out, I'd be excommunicated.
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I just spotted a new Indian shop that will be opening in Amsterdam Oost at Eerste van Swindenstraat 16 in a month. Looks like it's going to be selling all sorts of Indian ingredients, spices and pickles.

Hopefully, they'll even have a box full of warm samosas for sale behind the counter...
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Ooh! Good to know, ZipRibbons, thanks. :)
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