Looking for the Energizer Bunny of gum.
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What's the longest lasting (in terms of flavor) gum?

Note: I realize this is an inane question, but it keeps popping up in my brain. So, I'm asking it anyway.

I've been chewing "Extra" gum. It seems that over the past few years they've changed their formula to provide a huge initial burst of flavor that drops off very quickly. After just a couple of minutes the flavor degrades so much that I want to spit it out. There's lots of other option out there. What's your favorite in terms of gum that'll keep its flavor for a while?
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Anything with lots of sugar (maybe BubbleYum, if I'm remembering correctly from years back) will sort of stick the flavor to your mouth and coat it in suggary bubble scum...but of course, the flavor is mostly "sugar".

As for grown-up gum, my impression is that Trident generally is longer-flavored than, say, Orbit. (And Extra is just about the worst.)
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Mint gum tends to last much longer than fruit or cinnamon gum.
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My current standby is Orbit (I like the sweet mint flavor.) It seems to have some staying power and it's not cloying. (Extra was totally the best back in the day - it's a damned shame they screwed it up.)
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I agree that something changed about Extra. Years ago, Extra (especially the spearmint) seemed to last forever and have a consistent flavor, but now it changes pretty quickly and I have to get rid of it. Trident's flavor lasts about as long as Extra used to, but the gum seems to get harder and bother my jaw. I've tried Five a few times and found that it it lasted well without getting too firm, but I didn't care for the flavors I tried. So I guess my recommendation if to try Five and see if you like the flavors.
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Since I also had to give up on Extra, I've found Stride is at least better, but it's not the extra spearment of 1995. I remember the flavour being excellent for an entire day, but occaisionally the texture would get odd after a few hours. Now, I consider it a pretty amazing feat if I haven't had to spit out gum after 30 minutes. I also agree on the point of mint gums generally being longer lasting than other flavours of the same brands. Spearmint is the only mint that tastes good to me.
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Trident's Minty Sweet Twist seems to last for-ev-er. Unless it is old/stale, in which case it doesn't last more than 5 minutes. But a fresh pack? You could chew one piece for hours.
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The Lifesavers cubes last forever, but the texture is revolting from all the vegetable oil that's in it.
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Mentos makes a gum that lasts a noticeably long time.
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This former smoker who chews gum *all the time* prefers Trident. It holds its flavor and doesn't fall apart in my mouth like other gums.
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Definitely try Orbit (from Wrigley's). The Peppermint and Cinnamint are both very long-lasting.
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I'm putting in a vote for Stride, any of the mint flavors.
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i have good experience with trident original flavor.
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Gum that comes in pellets almost always lasts longer than sticks. (In canada, it seems that the vast majority of gum is pellets, i'm not sure why that hasn't caught on in the states.)
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Wrigley's classic DoubleMint (the regular one, NOT sugarfree) is the correct answer. I gave a piece to a coworker a while ago and she actually said, "I can't believe how long this is lasting!" I can chew one piece for hours and it stays minty. I also really like Stride's Whitemint flavor but I think DoubleMint lasts longer.
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I use IceBreakers Ice Cubes... stays chewy forever with a minty flavor. It's not super-strong, but it works well.
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I love all flavors of Orbit. Seriously - I've tried every flavor and never found one I didn't like.

Having said that, the antithesis of your question is Fruit Stripe gum. It tastes so, so amazing, but by the time you get it softened, it has turned into a wad of nasty wax. So disappointing...
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Trident's citrus flavour used to be the most long-lasting of all. I still find anything lemony lasts quite well.
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nthing trident. specifically, trident tropical twist!
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Response by poster: Based on these responses, I picked up a pack of Trident Spearmint at lunch. Much, much better than Extra. I'll be giving some of the others a shot over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone for making the internet awesome.
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Seconding Five. I generally like rain the best, the green color, and it seems to last longer than anything else I can think of. Is Winterfresh still around? That used to be my go to gum, but I think they reformulated it a few times.
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