Validating data for data validation.
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[ExcelFilter] Can I use one data validation list drop-down menu to specify which values will show up in a separate data validation list drop-down menu?

I have a long list of products. These can be grouped into a shorter list of product categories. I need users of a worksheet to pick a product from a drop-down menu. For ease of use, I would like them to be able to pick a product category in one drop-down menu, then have only the specific products in that category show up in a second drop-down menu. Setting up data validation drop down lists does not allow for inserting formulas in the "Source" area. Is this possible without getting too code-y? I'm not well versed in the VBA side of things. I would even settle for a list that would show product category, then some sort of indented list of accounts in the same data validation drop-down.
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yes. Using named ranges

Where the named range is a bunch of if statements, and the dependent data validation list is made up of that named range

That said I would add a field to your data and then you use a pivot table.
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Found my answer here. D'oh.
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