What to do with large two-trunk tree in garden?
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I have a large tree with two trunks in my garden. What should I do with them?

This is the tree

The tree has seen better days, but is still alive and well (we had it reduced a little while ago). I think the right choice is cutting it down or potentially making a use out of it. Make it into a bench? Art? Something else? or perhaps with some love it could be a tree that works for the garden?

Suggestions or advice please! Thank you in advance
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I don't understand why you think it needs to be cut down, since you say it is alive and well?

Intact tree suggestion - make it into a giant catapult!
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Maybe more info on why you think it needs to be cut down would be helpful? It looks fine in the picture. Is it creating shade in an area where you want to grown sunny-preferring plants?
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What's wrong with using it for firewood?
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Best answer: Bench? My idea is to notch the bench so that it interlocks with the remaining tree and is affixed on top of the stump.
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Platform tree house
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Response by poster: It sucks a lot of the nutrients from next doors garden and it does block some light in the evenings.... I think I'll find a way to turn it into a bench - I thought there may have been some feasible uses I had not thought of. Thank you all for your suggestions.
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Response by poster: I have now completed it - photo attached. Just need to level and turf this area now.. Thanks all.

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