Browser based programming environment?
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I want to set up a browser-based programming environment for my projects that I can access from the web whenever I'm not at home.

I don't want it to rely on any files or programs other than IE/Firefox/Safari/Chrome--no plugins or anything that might require admin permissions.

Is Orion the clear way to go? What other browser based programming environments exist?

Looking mainly for two things: syntax highlighting (python, jinja, javascript, css, html, xml, json, php) and git integration. If those bases get covered, I doubt I'll have any complaints.
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Cloud9 IDE is one.
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Hi there,
There are several IDEs you can choose from, and you should check them out to determine which option best suits your requirements with regard to supported languages, version control, deployment, and of course cost:
- eXo Cloud IDE
- Koding
- Cloud9 IDE
- Eclipse Orion
You also have the option of using extended pastebins. Although they lack version control and deployment support, they do allow code execution (good for testing purposes), sort of IDE lite tools:
- ideone
- JS Fiddle
- Python Fiddle
Good luck :) Dani
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