Help me find an antique/vintage pearl ring in the Toronto area
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Recommend jewellers in the Toronto area where I might be able to find an antique/vintage pearl ring to give my partner for our 5th wedding anniversary!

Mid next year is the 5 year wedding anniversary of myself and my kickass partner. She has told me the basic parameters of what she wants (it's how we roll) and now I have to go about the task of trying to find what I suspect won't be trivial to find.

At the highest level she wants an antique/vintage (are those two synonyms or are there differences?) art deco styled pearl ring.

I would love recommendations of places I could look locally in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto proper is better, but I've got a car). I don't really want to do the online thing if I don't have to.

It has to be able to be resized up from the most likely too-small size a vintage ring would come in. So places that can sell me the ring and resize it would be optimal. If you can recommend jewellers in Toronto that can do resizing on antique/vintage rings well in general, that is great info.

Budget is < $1000. Hopefully around $500. Is that budget realistic?

Style-wise, she doesn't want a ring that has a giant pearl in the middle protruding away from the band and into the sky. She would prefer smaller pearls embedded into the band. This is more for me to deal with once I've found some places to look, though.

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Google search came up with this link -- seems like she has a brick-and-mortar store on King Street, so you could probably pop in and see more than what's on the website.
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This one fits your budget and maybe your preferred style.
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Response by poster: I chatted with my partner and she corrected me that online stores are, in fact, a possible way to go.

@Felicity thanks for the link, we're taking a look!
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You might find some good resources here on the Hairpin - they have a regular "estate jewelry" column with lots of interesting info & links.
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