Help us find a Pittsburgh-themed activity for our dad!
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My siblings and I are struggling to come up with a birthday present for our dad, who's turning 60 in a couple weeks. My sister-in-law heard about a thing in Philly where you can go on a tour of the city and learn to take pictures with your fancy digital camera, but we can't find a Pittsburgh equivalent. Help us, please!

Our dad doesn't really need /stuff/, so going by previous Ask questions, I suggested getting him stuff he can do. He loves photography and has a fancy digital camera with fancy lenses. Does anyone know of any sort of photography tour of Pittsburgh we can get him? Or other similar cool Pittsburgh experiences? (Our mom has Pens tickets for him already, and we're getting them some restaurant gift certificates for their anniversary this week, so those are out.) 60 is kind of a big deal and we really don't want to get him the usual cigars and beer. Our backup plan involves a tabasco of the month club, which is fun and all, but not really that exciting. None of us live in Pittsburgh anymore, so we're kind of out of touch with what's cool. Please help make our dad's birthday awesome, Mefites!
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Try the Pittsburgh Photo Safari meetup group.
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Best answer: I'll ask a photographer friend if he knows about any photography tours. Otherwise...

There's a Segway tour that's pretty fun.

Last year I got my father a membership in Venture Outdoors and he's really loved that, even though he's not the outdoorsy type.

The Pittsburgh Glass Center offers some awesome classes.
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I took a bunch of extension classes through Pitt. One was a discussion of archetecture (took place in a meeting room at Station Square) then a series of Saturday walks and discussions. It was SO neat! I learned a ton and just walking down some of the oldest streets in the city, looking at art glass and lovely styles of's one of the best things I've ever done.
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Best answer: Silver Eye Center for Photography does a hands on photo training tour, but none are currently scheduled. Bookmark it for the future?
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Best answer: The Pittsburgh Speakers Series and the Literary Evenings are both really excellent as well.
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Response by poster: Venture Outdoors looks perfect--there are a few different things he'd like (a photo tour, a microbrewery tour). Lots of great options, guys--my siblings and I will hash this out tongiht. I really appreciate it!
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I know these look cheesy, but they're great fun: We took the BF's parents on one, and everyone enjoyed the experience. You learn lots of interesting tidbits about Pittsburgh history & culture and see the city in a different way. Likewise, Gateway Clipper tours are a nice way to see the city from a different vantage point (with lots of great photo ops).
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Oh, and the Rivers of Steel National Heritage group offers some unique activities including tours of the old Carrie Steel Furnace.
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