Electro recommendations sought. All sorts. That's all. Thank you.
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Electro recommendations sought. All sorts. That's all. Thank you.

I'm really into the Ed Banger label these days - especially SebastiAn's remixes, Mr Oizo and all the soundtracks from his movies, Justice etc - generally labelled as "electroclash".

Tell me your favourites, not just in electroclash - electro in general. Era irrelevant.
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Tiga, fischerspooner
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Felix da housecat
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Vitalic x100
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I'm more of a nu-disco sort of person when it comes to dancing, but I like a lot of slower electro stuff for work music. Here is some of who and what I've been digging for that sort off thing. On the faster, dancier tip:
  • The Sound of Arrows's Voyage has been a fixture over the past year or so.
  • Lazerhawk.
  • Jupiter are a disco-pop act with just enough in the way of knowing winks. Juicy Lucy is their new albu,.
  • Fear of Tigers, who appears to have deleted his first, free downloadable album Cossus Snufsigalonica from the official sites (but you can probably still find it with some minor digging) has a new record coming that should be good. His podcast The Guest List was the only one I only ever paid real attention to.
(Self-link: I run a disco-oriented tumblr that features tracks I like and my own mixes. It is called Disco Potential.)
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Seconding vitalic. I was huge into electroclash in early 2000s then less openly when fisherspooner killed it and minimal took over. Heh. Anyhow, for great early 2000's era i think it was the internation dj gigolos vol 6 that had it all.Vitalic, miss kitten, felix. For newer stuff in similar vein that I'm quite partial too there's Kap Bambino. Almost orthogonal but similar vibe, there's pictureplane. And for more of a new wave influence, there's cold cave.

And then there's boys noize. Touring north america in just a few months!!!
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Levon Vincent's stuff can be difficult to track down but a few of his more well know tracks might do it for you, even though he's not technically considered electro: Love Technique and These Games. If you like his sound he has a recent Fabric mix out with a majority of his own productions on it.
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Do you mean electro as in electro-house / electropop / electroclash, or actual electro?

If the former, then on an electro-house tip, then alongside Ed Banger stuff, Justice, Boys Noize, Vitalic, etc, I'd recommend:
- Rex The Dog
- Tiga (especially check out his DJ Kicks mix, it was somewhat seminal in breaking in the electro-house (and nu disco) sound out of what was then electroclash

Or more electropop (all very italo influenced, check out 80s italo if you like this sound):
- Heartbreak
- Sally Shapiro
- Annie

Or for the latter, proper electro (AKA "nu electro", i.e. breaky, "old school" sound originating in the early 1980s although it's still going strong, with a fair amount of detroit techno crossover):
- Aux 88
- Bass Junkie
- Andrea Parker
- Imatron Voima
- Mr Velcro Fastener
- Radioactive Man
- DMX Krew
- I-F

Although the more hardcore end of the nu electro stuff veers into techno & breaks territory, there's also a lot with a poppy sound, and tracks like the I-F and DMX Krew track above could be considered both electro proper and electroclash / pop. Most of these guys don't just pre-date modern electro-house but also electroclash as well, so it's worth checking out this scene to see something of the continuity: 1980s electro --> nu electro --> electroclash --> electro-house.
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Also check out Intergalactic FM netradio with four streams of nu electro, 1980s electro, italo, electropop, nu disco, cosmic disco, from the late 70s to the present day - loads of tasty stuff in other words.
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Soul Oddity. I like Cruxx, People Party and, under their Phoenecia moniker, Bob 09 and Can.
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Do you have Spotify? I have a modest Electro playlist on there.
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