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Is there a good database for YA fiction of the 90's?

I've been searching for a series of YA novels that I read in the late 80's/ early 90's.

I seem to remember the action in these books involving a group of teens on another planet, where one of the girls had shocking pink hair. I think there was some sort of strange dog/pet. I think the phrase "in loco parentis" was used quite a bit-- maybe they had robot minders? I'm not totally clear on that. Of course these are very slight plot points and googling hasn't turned up anything.

This definitely wasn't Great Literature, but I'd love to revisit this, and some of the other books that I loved back then. Has anyone seen a database where I can search for some of the disposable YA paperbacks of the 90's?
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Cliquey Pizza is the general disposable YA paperback database. The series doesn't ring a bell, but I'll do some searching for you.
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You could try narrowing your search down via WorldCat Genres, which lets you search by genre and date. I'm not sure it will work, but if it does, the good news is WorldCat will tell you which libraries you can get a copy from.
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My public library has access to interactive databases called NoveList and Fiction Connection on their website. You log in with your library card, then it takes you through fiction by similar themes/age range etc.
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Also, in advanced search, you can limit by audience (juvenile) & time period & genre, but might not exclude enough for you.
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There's a used bookseller in Cleveland that runs a "Stump the Bookseller" service where people try to ID vaguely remembered books. You might have luck looking through the entries there (NB: web 1.0 interface).
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