Help me re-home my rss feeds.
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I've been using NetNewsWire on the mac since I helped beta test it prior to its release(11+ years), and need a new place to spend most of my internet time. More than 200 daily read feeds later I need a modern reader that can actually deal with modern flash/java/whatever items without crashing of freezing for minutes at time. Anyone recommend something that runs well on 10.8 and can hookup with my google reader account?
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Best answer: Reeder seems to be the one with the most momentum right now. I do agree that the lack of recent development on NNW has been disappointing but I personally haven't had stability issues, even with over 1500 feeds. That being said, I do use it with Flash turned off and I send any Flash-y items to my regular web browser with option-right arrow.
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Best answer: I also like Reeder, and I read a lot of feeds with it.
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I have also abandoned NNW for similar reasons but I've gone to the feedly extension in Firefox which syncs with Google Reader but is just so much better.
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Best answer: Thirded: Reeder. I use it on the desktop and both my iOS devices. There was a brief learning curve for me switching over from NNW, but a year or two later I couldn't be more pleased.
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Best answer: I use Reeder across all my devices. It is a great piece of software.
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Best answer: I use Reeder for iPhone, iPad, and my Macbook Pro. It's not free, but it integrates with Google Reader, Pocket, Facebook, Twitter, etc....

Magnificent program.
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Response by poster: Giving reader a try. Thanks y'all.
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