Need a last day of work treat delivered for the lady friend.
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It's the lady's last day at work this week and I'd like to send her something nice. Flowers won't do it, I'm looking for cookies, cake or other tasty treats. I'm in LA!

My lady friend just took a new job that's a step up in her field. I'd like to send a little last-day-at-work treat, but she's not really a flowers kind of girl. If we lived in NYC, I'd probably go for Momofuku cookies. But hre in LA, I'm not sure what the equivalent is. Suggestions appreciated!

They will need to be delivered as I'll be out of town on the day in question.
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Delivered, Theo's Chocolates from Seattle, not sure if they will deliver to LA during the summer. But they are AMAZING.
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Unless LA has moved on, cupcakes seem to be the treat du jour. Yelp is always a good resource for finding good vendors.
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I quite like Edible Arrangements and when I've sent them in the past everyone's been appreciative.
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Cupcakes are awesome. As a change of pace, though, maybe edible fruit basket cut into flowers? There are a couple of companies that do this, though I've been happy with my local outlets of the chains Edible Arrangements.

I've also used Cookies by Design (similar concept, but big soft cakey cookies) but they do taste rather bland; maybe a similar company is out and about in LA.
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I've had Sprinkles cupcakes delivered here in LA lots of times. Or have deliver a bottle of champagne.
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Sprinkles is a safe bet. People flip out.
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Does she like pie?
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Just wanted to say that if you do get Edible Arrangements, send one of those arrangements that's mostly chocolate-dipped strawberries. Believe me, people like them better than carved honeydew.

Come to think of it, just plain chocolate-dipped strawberries might be a good thought. A ton of online companies do it.
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Yeah, Sprinkles always goes over big at my work.
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IMHO the best cookies in LA can be found at Platine in Culver City. They do deliver, and they are amazing cookies. The owner used to be a pastry chef at French Laundry. We get them delivered to work sometimes, and they are way better than all the other cookie vendors we have tried.
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DeLuscious Cookies and Milk! Yummy, and they do deliver.
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