U.S. Public opinion versus institutional implementation
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What are some contemporary examples of significant discrepancies between policy, the platforms of the major parties, and public opinion, as reflected by polls, in the United States?
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Marijuana legalization
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"Earlier this year focus groups given an accurate description of Romney’s policy proposals refused to believe that any politician would take such a position."
(The linked article does not provide details of the policies or the reasons for the focus groups' reactions, but you may be able to chase them down from there.)
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"Get your government out of my Medicare" -- the GOP election strategy for the 2010 mid-terms leaned strongly on the prospect of Medicare cuts even as Paul Ryan's "Roadmap" proposed a complete overhaul of the system. I'll link to a Krugman op-ed, which obviously takes a partisan line on that strategy, but that shouldn't mask the discrepancy between a GOP political establishment that seeks to rewrite the basis of older people's healthcare and a GOP-leaning demographic that trends older, is anti "big government", but which very much likes its Medicare benefits.
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A significant portion of each party (22 percent of Republicans and 34 percent of Democrats, in this poll), disagrees with their own party's position on abortion.
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