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Does this app exist? Users download a prefab checklist on to their ipads, fill it out for multiple instances as they rate services in different locations, then forward the results to an email of their choosing.

I'll be a little more specific in case that helps. My wife's organization would like to distribute an electronic version of a checklist that would allow people and groups around the country to gather information about transit services for the disabled. The user should be able to download the checklist to their ipad, visit a bus stop, fill out the checklist, send the results to an email address that the end user can designate, then go on to the next bus stop and repeat. It doesn't need to be merged into a central database or anything fancy. Is this possible within an app like Evernote? Being able to do this with a relatively straightforward (and free) user experience is an important consideration.
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sounds like you want to run a survey type app. Do you want an app, versus one of the plethora of other web-based survey options already available?
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Ideally, it would not require an active web connection, which was why I assumed web-based surveys would not work. The user should be able to fill out multiple survey forms in offline mode, then send them in once he/she gets back to a wifi connection.
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google doc's spreadsheets have forms which gets this done very nicely. The forms limit extraneous data entry and the results are dumped into a spreadsheet which saves doing that yourself. Nice.

I have an example here:

results here: Note these are handily read only.

and a bit of poking found a cheap iOS offlineable client ($2) here:
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Also, PDFs have this ability. Not sure about on an ipad though.
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