New iphone, new contracts, minimal pain and suffering.
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What's the least painful way to move to a family plan AND have both of us end up with the new iphone when it comes out?

Okay. Situation is that fiance and I are ready to transition to a shared cell phone plan. We're both out of contract on Verizon and have older Android devices. We're interested in ending up on a family plan with new iPhones when they come out later.

Should we:
1) Go to Verizon store on or around launch day and try to add her to my account, then both buy new phones?
2) Sign up for a whole new plan on launch day for 2 users and 2 new phone #s?
3) Some variation?

I'd like to get the iphones soon after launch, as our phones are not doing so well these days, and I'd prefer not to stand in line forever. I don't have any experience buying iphones around launch date but have of course heard the stories. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Go to the Apple store on or around launch day, and add her to your account there, and buy both phones. Get AppleCare+ in case you drop the phone and smash the screen! Let them help you get set up and tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone.
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Do it online. You should be able to do all of this from the Apple website as a preorder (that is, setting up a new family plan). This way you won't have to wait in line, but you will get the phones on or near launch day in the mail.

Also don't worry about new numbers. There are laws in place whereby carriers have to let you retain your number. Even of during your preorder you set up a new account and can't transfer your old numbers, just place a call to Verizon. They'll sort it out
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You can merge your accounts into a single family plan now probably on the phone and most easily in a corporate store. Don't sign a 2-year contract, and keep your current phones. When the iPhone hits, you'll still be upgrade eligible to sign a new contract, and you can either pre-order starting on the supposed September date or stand in line at the Apple store on release day.
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