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What is the cheapest way to send bulky items from the Dominican Republic to the U.S.? Time isn't important.

A student of mine is currently trying to ship two large drums from Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, back to the U.S. He's been offered a quote of around $500 from FedEx, which is more than twice the value of the drums themselves. We're on a stretched research budget, and have no particular time restrictions. Are there any cheaper, slower options for freight from the Dominican Republic to the U.S. (Iowa, if it matters)?
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Might get it part of the way on a cargo boat using a freight forwarder or other logistics company, then once it's on shore, they might or might not be able to get it thence to Iowa.

The link above is a selection from the top page of Yahoo results for Freight Forward Dominican Republic that did not have a negative WOT score.
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Has he tried talking to someone at the U.S. embassy? They can mail stuff via USPS. I'm not sure it's 100 percent legal for embassy personnel to do that for non-embassy personnel, but it might be worth making a phone call, especially if your student already knows someone there.
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Try some google searches using "barrel." I know someone who participates in barrel shipments from the Carribean to NYC (and they call it "barrels") -- it takes around 1-2 months and is a lot cheaper than $500. A quick search yields this, for example, which seems to include at least one potential lead.
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