How do I make a meet & greet photo more Rihanna-ish and less Britney-like?
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Does anyone have ideas for fun backstage meet and greet photos?

My friend and I have attended several concerts by a specific band this summer, with another coming up later this week. My friend has managed to get meet and greet passes for several shows, and it's gotten pretty stale. Not that meeting the band isn't great - it totally is, and they're a fabulous bunch of guys. It's more that the standard Usual Suspects (albeit happier) lineup is just boring.

So what I'm looking for is ideas to make this last M&G photo awesome! Disguises, silly hats, goofy poses...anything like that is fine. They've all got a great sense of humor and are very easy going. Nothing grabby or super crude, though. Any thoughts??
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The day's newspaper, with someone holding it up glumly like they're a hostage providing proof of life.
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How about a play on the freeze-frame at the end of a sitcom? Everyone jumping, high-fiving at the same time, a "father teaches his kids a valuable lesson", that sort of thing.
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If it were me I would hand the bass player* a can with some ashes in it and tell him it was their biggest fan who really wanted to be there but, well, you know. See how awkward everyone looks in the resulting photo.

*yes, it has to be the bass player for some reason.
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What about a foldup "photo booth" thing? Rigged out of a pop up hamper of some sort ...
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Playing off the hostage idea, ask the band to pretend like they'd rather be anywhere else but there taking that picture with you.
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Have a couple members of the band hold your arms while the others pretend to beat you up.

Take the photos with staged hand-shaking, like people do when they take pictures with politicians.
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Bring a giant fake check for $10,000,000 and hand it over to them.

Bring bloody doll parts to recreate the original Yesterday and Today Beatles album cover.
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Human pyramid!
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Swapping trademark items? Drummer holds a guitar, bassist holds the sticks, singer wears drummer's favorite hat?
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You haven't quite made it clear if this band is on tour or not, but if they are a quick way to win their hearts would be to bring them a home-cooked meal, something healthyish but still delicious like baked chicken or homemade veggie lasagna. You have no idea how old eating pizza (or the equivalent) nearly every night gets. Maybe bring a whole spread - entrée, sides, rolls, wine glasses, plates, silverware, etc. - and set it up on a buffet table somewhere backstage (if there's room - a lot of clubs wouldn't have the space), then take a bunch of 'family dinner' themed photos. The band gets the added bonus of getting to chow down on real food for once, and you will have made friends for life.
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Teller of Penn & Teller likes to make funny faces when taking pics with fans, if your band members are up for that.
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Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I ended up just saying I wanted something different, and we all did goofy things. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures ever!
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