non-judgmental, thorough dentist in Toronto?
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I have just moved to Toronto, and am looking for a good dentist. I am a grad student at U of T, so something that can be covered by their dental plan would be nice (although not absolutely necessary). The main thing is that they have to be thorough, non-judgmental and be willing to listen to descriptions. I need regular cleaning and check-ups, and want to have a place I trust if god forbid I have dental problems down the road.

For the past couple of years I have been very diligent about my oral hygiene, but I admit to have grown up with rather incorrect brushing/flossing techniques and a very acidic diet that I did not know to change until a few years ago.

Prior to my dental revelations, the only times I saw a dentist was when I had a toothache-- which usually means a lot of pain, and a good (often mean!) lecture from the dentists and when I was a kid, another couple from my folks. I also had braces done by a really awful orthodontist, who did not say a peep about cleaning with braces and charged us a lot of money to fill cavities. When he took the braces off he decided to cover my six front teeth with resin fillings (I am not sure why), and they all kind of have small pieces fallen off since then. I have been dealing with residual problems with my teeth for the past decade. I have an implant for a tooth lost due to trauma-induced abscess, and a bridge for a tooth that cracked when I was 18.

All of this is to say that 1) I have really crappy teeth and I don't feel great about it and 2) I am now really scared of dentists who drill without telling me what they are doing.

I've been keeping my teeth in as good of a shape as I can these couple of years. I get regular cleaning and check-ups and (knock on wood) there hasn't been problems lately. I'd like to continue this trend by having regular check-ups at a dentist who is not going to ream me out. Any thoughts on where I might find one?
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I highly recommend Dr Janet Tamo
1881 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M4S 3C4
Phone: 416.488.1881

(Right at the Davisville station.)
I've been going to her for years. She and her staff have always been more than patient with my dental neuroses and gnarly teeth.
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I super super recommend Dt Dental, located at University & Adelaide (so, pretty close to UofT). I see Dr Frankel, and both he and the hygienists are excellent at explaining everything every step of the way.
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Regarding coverage, any above-board dentist in the city will be covered by that plan, though a few may not provide electronic submission (e.g., the emergency dental clinic). In virtually all cases, you'll have to pay in full right after the procedure. The only exception I've found to this is when you've been with a dentist for a very long time, in which case they'll only require the co-pay and will have the insurer reimburse them directly.

Regarding recommendations, I also would recommend Dr. Tamo. I would also advise against a certain chain whose name starts with 'A', if only because of the high turnover in dentists and inability to establish rapport.
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Annex Dental Group - couldn't be closer to U of T, they take U of T insurance and I can't recommend their gentle care highly enough.
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Seconding Dr. Tamo. If she's good enough for the Toronto Blue Jays, she's good enough for you.
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Beverley Isaac, 416-925-5300 (in Yorkville, at Bay station), is great. Nice atmosphere in the office, too---very friendly.
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