How to try throwing sports in middle age
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I am a deeply middle aged woman, have never been an athlete, and am suddenly consumed with desire to learn to throw a javelin. How can I make this happen?

I know I'm not going to the Olympics in this lifetime, but I would really like to try some of the throwing sports -- shotput, discus, javelin. They weren't offered at my high school, and my college was so sportsy that the people doing these events were already at international-elite level. I just want to have a few goes before I tip over into senior citizenry.

I am in central New Jersey, if anyone has specific recommendations. Thank you!
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Call the college athletics departments in your area and see if there's a coach who will take some time (and maybe a few bucks) to teach you.
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xingcat has said what I'd say, although I'd maybe add any nearby high schools where rich kids go, and any nearby private schools to your search.
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If I could make a suggestion, I might visit a sports doctor and get checked out first, and get some advice on how hard you can go on each of these sports based on your current condition. I (badly) did shotput and discuss in high school and those sports can be very punishing to the shoulders, elbows and wrists. I'm in my late-ish thirties and If I were to try to take them back up now I might very well find myself typing with my nose for a good long time afterwards.

YMMV, particularly if you are already doing upper body strength flexibility training.
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Yeah, discuss = discus. Sounds like I was in a very polite debating society.
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Oh yeah, watch out for your back, too.
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So according to rocketpup, you should make sure to discuss discus with your doctor.
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There's the Warrior Throwing Club in north Jersey. (Not sure if you need to be logged into Facebook to see that link, they offer javelin coaching and the main email is javcoach AT warriorthrowing DOT com).

You can look for other throwing clubs at the USATF website for clubs in New Jersey.
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And if I may piggyback, long have I wondered: where can one actually acquire a javelin?
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If it's a spear-thowing thing in general, you might look into learning how to handle an atlatl.
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When you're looking at the very helpful USATF website that Snarl linked to, and generally googling, look for "Master's Athletics" clubs. You'll find you are not alone as a 'late bloomer' to track and field.

My parents got involved in Masters Games in early middle age and had a fantastic time - the clubs are generally very supportive and a great way to get to try out all the equipment without purchasing.

Rash, any sporting goods store that carries athletics equipment. Online, even.
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Here's the USATF Masters-specific site.
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