What can I do with myself?
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I'm about to begin a job search. Help me think of as many different jobs/fields/careers I could do. Special snowflake details inside.

I'm about to graduate with a Masters in Jewish Studies from a UK university. For now I'm looking to find any job I can that makes at least £20,000 (so I can get a work visa). I'll take any suggestions.

Possible info to consider:
Can't work full-time until 26 September.
BA in Classics and Italian
Know several languages: Spanish, Italian, French, and Latin.
Certified Latin teacher in the US - taught for one year.
Know Word, Access, Excel, etc.
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These folks are doing a project on Italy and the Holocaust. Click on "Special Projects," and it appears at the bottom. Maybe they need translators or researchers, consultants, etc.
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If you have not already, try contacting your undergraduate alma mater's alumni office. Some are brilliant about helping you brainstorm, and then connecting you with fellow alums in the field(s).
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Teaching is an excellent choice. You can also work as a translator, administrative assistant (especially for an international company... choose any field - finance, healthcare, IT), check museums/cultural centers and international non-profits as well. I would say your language skills will give you a clear advantage in most of those areas. Make sure they are highlighted on your resume. September 26th isn't that long from now given the amount of time it actually takes to go through the interview and hiring process. It might be perfect timing actually. Good luck!
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