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Where can I find a piano score of Erik Satie's Air du Poete?

This is my absolute #1 favorite song ever, and I really want to be able to play it on piano. It's hard to find piano scores on the internet.
Not to mention free piano scores.
I live in Brooklyn, but I'll go as far as the MTA can take me to find this score. Ideally this would cost under $5...I never actually bought a specific score before.

Extra credit for other Erik Satie scores that aren't Gnossienne or Gymnopedies...extra credit for finding John Cage instead, or Arnold Schoenberg.
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I don't know anything about music stores in New York, but...

Erik Satie scores. Unfortunately, Air du Poete is not on there, but there are many others.

Schoenberg scores

IMSLP in general has a lot of free scores that you can just print out.
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It might be in the book "Ludions" which is available at the central Brooklyn Public Library:

Ludions / Erik Satie ; poèmes de Léon-Paul Fargue.
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The BPL has a bunch more Satie scores in their score library (do an advanced search and set the type to PRINTED MUSIC). They also have Cage - I borrowed ARIA a few years ago!
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astapasta24, "Ludions" (of which it looks like "Air du Poète" is a movement) is on IMSLP but is not public domain in the USA, unfortunately.

OP, this book appears to contain "Air du Poète" along with the rest of "Ludions" and several other non-Gnossiène/Gymnopedie pieces, though it is somewhat spendier than you want.

Re: other non-Gnossiène/Gymnopedie Satie piano works, I recommend the Nocturnes (e.g.), the Avant-Dernières Pensées (e.g.) and the Trois Valses (e.g.) off the top of my head. There's also, uh, my MeFi namesake (e.g.), but it quotes the Gnossiènes and is for four hands, I think. All should be public domain in the USA.
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"Ludions" (of which it looks like "Air du Poète" is a movement) is on IMSLP but is not public domain in the USA, unfortunately
Nor in Europe, for that matter. So this is a 'buy' thing, but at least you've got the collection's name.
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Try Frank Music. They're in Manhattan. Just call and tell them what you're looking for. Their collection is huge.

Two things to keep in mind: 1. The piece is unlikely to be sold as single sheet. 2. If you have to buy a Satie piano anthology or larger work to get it, it is likely to be quite expensive (I see that your target piece is part of a 5 piece set entitled Ludions).
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