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Where to get Israeli shekels in Los Angeles?

At a non-exploitative rate. (I assume airport exchanges take advantage of you because it's your last chance to change money... am I wrong?)

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Try the main/largest branch of any major bank. Smaller branches can often do it, but they'll have to order the currency for you. If you call in advance, they'll tell you what rate they are offering.
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Aha! How timely. I myself am trying to exchange back into Amurrican dollars. Foreign Currency Express in downtown LA. I've been told by numerous sources (and have researched it) that they are my best bet. No commission fee. The exchange rate isn't perfect, but it's better than the bank or Travelex or the airport. For my 300 euros, I'm going to lose about usd 30-40 in the exchange.
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I used International Currency on Camden in Beverly Hills.
I don't recall how I decided on this establishment over others.
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When you arrive in Israel you can withdraw cash in shekels at the ATM in the arrival hall at Ben Gurion where you pick up your luggage. The exchange rate there is much better than at the Travelex.
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