Lost dog in Philly
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Stray dog in Philly - what happened to Phillyblog? Or other ideas.

My neighbor found a stray dog and he's hanging out in our backyard/courtyard. We gave him food and water and walked him. He's definitely someone's dog (personable lover, etc). He's like a rottie/pitbull looking mix.

Anyway, we tried to introduce him to our (2) dogs and they weren't really having it, so we couldn't even bring them in our place and the neighbor called animal control. But I remember Phillyblog being somewhere where you could do neighborhood by neighborhood alert stuff like this. I can't really tell if there's a successor site.

Any ideas of what we should do?
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Craigslist and the Philly subreddit are probably good places to go, instead.
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Check facebook for Philly lost/found dog pages/groups.
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PAWS will unfortunately say that calling animal control is your best/only option. Can you put up flyers and keep him in your backyard until then? Can anyone else take him while you look for his owners? If he came from PAWS he's been microchipped; can you take him to your vet or to one of PAWS' facilities to check for that? (If you don't have a regular vet, we like Companion Pet Hospital in South Philly.) The vet might also have ideas.
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(Though if he's not neutered -- sadly normal for a lot of even non-stray pet dogs -- he didn't come from PAWS.)
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Front Porch Forum.

Poster the area with found dog signs, let the police, adoption groups and all vets in the area know that you have the dog. Put a found dog ad in the daily and weekly newspapers. Heck, create a found dog page for him on the web.

Someone won't sleep until their dog is home. Please try everything.
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Where in Philly are you? Out my way, lost pet notices get posted to West Philly Local all the time. If this is your neighborhood too, have at it. If it's not, does your neighborhood have its own big blogs?
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Response by poster: Spring Garden-ish neighborhood. The dog likely came south from Francisville/Fairmount. Neutered. Just put on CL and a couple of other sites I found that allowed reporting of lost dogs.
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Maybe try giving the SPCA a call?
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And this could be a longshot, but maybe that site was called PhillyDog? They have a Twitter feed that posts lost dog posters.
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Best answer: You could also try PhiladelphiaSpeaks.com. They have a forum for the neighborhood you're talking about.
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I'm not sure if it works the same in Philly, but if it were San Francisco I would say be sure to call Animal Control. Here at least, they have volunteers who sort through lost pet reports and found pet reports looking for matches.
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Response by poster: Thanks, upplepop, that's the one I was looking for (but we did CL and some other sites I mentioned) and my neighbor is trying to take care of it today, too.

Such a shame. Sweet, sweet dog that wants to be around people. I hope he's chipped.
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5 Things to Do If You Have Found a Lost Dog (pdf) (Nothing you haven't already done, but possibly useful for future readers of this question.)

Create Your Own Flyers, including a printable template.
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