The moving typography writes, and having written moves on
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What is this called and how do I make it?

Here is a link to one of the moving typographical thingies we see a lot of now days. What do you call it and how can I make it? Let's assume that powerpoint is too clunky and ridiculous for this (though I have bodgied up stuff in there) because it is.

Also, preferably, let's not go high end with software that requires a rocket surgeon's degree or mentality. However, I have a degree in Multimedia (for what it's worth - ie practically nothing) and experience in Photoshop, Illustrator & CorelDraw. I would also prefer something that is not internet based (as I understand Prezi is- do correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm prepared to pay some money but of course would prefer not to.

Not knowing what to call it meant searching for it here was problematic.
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Kinetic typography. I'm not sure that there's dedicated software for this; people often use Flash, Adobe After Effects, etc.
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Tons of tutorials over at YouTube.
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Also, check out this question at Quota: How do people create kinetic typography videos?
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Here's my favorite one of these videos. And here's a Reddit thread with the creator.
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It would be very easy to do that kind of thing in Flash.
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