Where should I buy Genmaicha with Matcha?
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I have recently developed a taste for Genmaicha with Matcha (green tea with roasted rice), and I am looking for a recommendation for an online source, the loose variety.
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I love genmaicha! This is the looseleaf brand I buy at a local asian grocery store, available on Amazon.com.
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I've had good luck with Upton Tea Company.
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Strictly speaking, "matcha" refers to green tea that's already been milled to a fine powder -- it's not really available in loose-leaf form (or rather, loose-leaf green tea is called sencha, not matcha.)

Green tea with roasted rice is just called genmaicha. And I got some very good loose-leaf genmaicha from tealuxe.

Sorry for being pedantic, but I figure you'll get better results if you know the right terms.
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Genmaicha WITH Matcha. I do like both separately, but what I really want is recs as per my original question. (I am quite clear on the terms).
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Searching for "Matcha-iri genmaicha" might help. Harney and Sons has it.
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Lupicia is a Japanese company that sells overseas (they may be available in some Japanese grocery stores or gourmet Asian markets depending on where you live). Here's their version: Matcha Kirara Rice Tea Loose Leaf - I'm not sure if they sell it in larger quantities or not. I enjoy their teas.
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Seconding Tealuxe for this and plenty of other teas. Excellent quality and even better customer service.
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It's one of my very favorite teas, too! Been getting it from Teavana lately, and I'm super happy with the quality.
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The Ryokucha from Samovar is the best genmaicha/matcha blend I've ever had.
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I've been getting mine from Den's Tea - great quality and value.
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I will second the tea from Harney that elsietheeel links to as a very nice blend.
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Try Minorien (Shizuoka) or Kimuraen (Ibaraki) .
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Upton Tea Company!
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World Spice!
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