Know a lawyer in Mumbai?
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Family law in Mumbai? Wondering if anyone has recommendations for lawyers practicing in Mumbai/Bombay... An older (60s) Indian couple I know appears to be heading for divorce, and I am trying to help the woman as best I can. Unfortunately, there are a number of complicating factors, and I do not personally know any lawyers in Mumbai, so I thought I would ask here. I realize it's a long shot, but it's worth a try...

A few salient elements:
- they are presently working in Riyadh
- she will be traveling to Mumbai in the very near future, so it's probably my best chance to hook her up with a lawyer in India.
- the man is not aware that she is preparing to leave him, although he may suspect it.
- for social reasons she may ultimately prefer to simply separate, but given his ... tendencies ... it would be nice if perhaps the lawyer were able to arrange some form of contractual separation that keeps him away from her.
- she has about 30 lakh set aside in an account under her own name (she can probably get more from acquaintances etc), so there's no need for this to be pro bono but as always affordability is still a concern given her impending forced retirement.
- she has resisted getting a lawyer thus far, on the premise that they can simply go their own ways. I have been arguing for caution, and thus a lawyer, but it may come to pass that she will refuse to hire whomever I find. Point being, this isn't guaranteed.
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Let me find out from friends in Mumbai. Though if you are there in Riyadh, you may wish to find out if residents (if that is their status in SA) are required to do the paperwork there. Will she move back to India after this or continue staying in SA?

I ask because though my marriage took place in India, we were in the US at the time of separation and divorce and thus all the paperwork had to be there unless I was choosing to return to India.
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Unfortunately I am not in SA or India at the moment, but I have (I think) convinced her that this should all be done as far away from SA as possible (so if she goes ahead with it, she'll be in India at the time she files).
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I've sent an email. Have you also considered googling for local South Asian Women's safe centers in Riyadh as an alternate means for her to access legal advice and/or help?
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Try the india subbreddit on reddit. Don't let reddit's reputation scare you off. This subreddit is just Indians talking about India. There are also a lot of other subreddit's about India, including one for Mumbai.
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