Can I live-stream Sunday morning US political chat shows?
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Is there a way to live-stream the Sunday morning US political chat shows like Meet the Press, Face the Nation, etc?

I know there are podcasts available, but they tend to not be available till Monday, and since cutting cable I miss watching them on a Sunday. I'm in Canada so over the air broadcast of the US networks is not available, as I'm in a concrete-walled condo with no option for a more powerful antenna to pull in the signals.

So, I'm looking for an online source, either livestream or downloadable shortly after broadcast.
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My experience is that many of the video podcasts for weekend US political talk shows are available before Monday. Here's a general MSNBC video player with a sidebar menu where you can select the show you want to see videos from.

Let us know if these don't work in Canada!
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Cspan radio plays most of them with no commercials, delayed by a few hours.
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