Civil Dusk and Civil Dawn in my Google Calendar?
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I'd like to have civil dawn and civil dusk appear in my Google Calendar. Can someone assist?

I'm aware that Google Calendar offers sunset and sunrise within its "browse interesting calendars" area, but sunset and sunrise are tangibly different from civil dusk and dawn, so that won't suit my purposes.

I did find SunCalendar, but it throws a "500 Internal Server Error" when given my latitude, longitude, and civil dusk/dawn, although it works fine with the default values. I've thus far seen no other options.

Any help'd be appreciated.
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Google's sunrise/sunset calendar DOES show civil dawn/dusk, if you click on it.

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Response by poster: Thanks, dmd!
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Response by poster: Looks like that's not great for me -- if you view your calendar in Agenda view, as I do, even clicking on it doesn't bring up that information. You have to go all the way into More Details to pull out the data, which really buries it a couple layers deeper than I wanted.
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