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This is the nicest men's shirt I've ever seen! what the heck is it?

In this video

the man standing against the window singing is wearing a hooded dress shirt and I love it, but my googlefu is failing me!

anyone have any idea where I could get this shirt/ what designer or company it's from, or if you've ever seen anything similar?

much appreciated, thanks!
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"Button-up hoodie" or "button-up shoodie" ? Some of image results should light a bulb. Maybe?

I too thought it was a dress shirt due to the texture which which is basically one of the main patterns out there for dress shirts, but it is obviously a little more bulky then a dress shirt and well... it is a hoodie. It does have a small brand title on the right shirt pocket (you can see at 2:29) ... there is just no zoom to see what it says.

Also there is no draw string visible on the hoodie portion, which also increases its uniqueness...
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The search term you are looking for is either "button up jacket" or "hooded button up". I found a couple sort of similar in style to the one you like, but not color: RVCA Lombardi Men's Long Sleeve Hooded Button Up, Burnside Men's Threads Young Mens Flannel Jacket With Hood, and Rolling Paper Long Sleeved Button Up Jacket..
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No exact matches here, but these were the five closest I could find.
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I think it might be this Penfield gingham "Anzac" shirt, though it's from 2009 and will probably be very hard to find. Searching "hooded button down shirt" or "hooded long sleeve shirt" will probably turn up some other options, though.
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Ships Jet Blue also makes a similar garment, except it's also from 2009 (was that the year for hooded gingham button-up shirts or something?) and sadly, the link to purchase the item no longer works.
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