Finding the Campaign Stops
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How can I find Presidential Campaign stops around my home in Central Florida?

I am a registered independent. I lived most of my life in New York City. New York is not a swing state, and presidential candidates never really did public rallies.

I moved to Central Florida just before the 2008 election. I went to a public rally held by Obama in Kissimmee, FL just a week or so before the election. It was great, and it cemented my vote for Obama at the time.

This year, I would like to go to one rally for each candidate. (Though, I am pretty much going to vote for Obama - especially after today's announcement of a Tea-Party Vice President by Romney).

I can not seem to find any dates or schedules for either candidate as to when they will be in Florida. I know that both of them will visit this part of Florida more than once before November, because it is a critical area in a critical state.

Is it worth going to the RNC Convention in Tampa? I am about 45 minutes from there. I know I will not get into the forum itself, but will there be things of interest outside.

I am interested in going to these campaign stops as much for the people watching / human circus side of it, as much for the political, get informed side of it.

Any thoughts on how I can find campaign stops in Florida, and what it might be like to go to a convention (without being able to get into the convention)?

Thank you for your thoughts.
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For Barack Obama's campaign (no idea about Romney's), call your local field office and ask them.
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