The comforter set from HIMYM (marshall and Lily's guest room)
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I am trying to find the comforter or duvet cover seen in "How I Met Your Mother" in Lily and Marshall's guest room. First appearing in the episode "Karma" and again in "Burning Beekeeper" it is white with a soft lavender and grey abstract leaf pattern. I've been google searching religiously for about four months. If anyone can help me or knows the pattern and where it comes from, I will be so grateful. Thank you. Here is a link to a pic from the episode "Karma"
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Set decorators love getting home furnishings from Ikea, and that duvet looks like something they'd possibly carry. But it's not in their current selection.
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Doesn't look like IKEA to me. Maybe Pottery Barn?
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It looks a little like some of the patterns that Cynthia Rowley uses.
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Here's the one that I thought it was (I almost bought this one!) definitely similar pattern, but looks like it's turned the other direction..
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Try including "damask" in your search.
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If you really want to make this a project, you can contact IATSE Local 44 ( the union that includes set decorators), ask them who the decorator is, and see if they'll let you send them a letter/email/fax which they will then forward on to the decorator. (I'm sure they will forward an offer of work; not sure if they will for more frivolous requests.)

Or, if they'll give you the name but no more info, MeMail me with the name. Mr. BlahLaLa does props and set dressing and may know him/her.
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Another close match
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It reminds me of patterns and colors seen in traditional Hawaiian quilting. Perhaps that will help your search.
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Is this it?
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It reminded me right away of things that I used to see at Brocade Home, which is/was the lower priced, young-ish shop spun out by Restoration Hardware (think Pottery Barn/West Elm, Crate & Barrel/CB2). I went looking for their website and it's gone, and I can't seem to find out what's happened to them!
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