Setting up a heterogenous Home Network
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How do I set up point-and-click filesharing in a heterogenous home network (Linux and Windows XP)

I have two linux boxen (Fedora Core 2). One is the main family computer and the other is a DAW. I also have a new laptop from work. The two linux boxes have a direct connection to the D-LINK 524 Router/HUB and the laptop uses the wireless connection.

I'd like to be able to share files. I can use ftp/scp/sftp to copy between computers, but I'd like to have a point-and-click interface so that my wife can use it and so that I can easily interchange files.

I have samba set up on both the linux boxes, but I can't get any of the boxes to show any of the others in the "windows network."

Does anyone have a good tutorial, or know the basics of what are needed to have a home windows-based network that has mostly linux boxes?
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Well, you've got the right idea with Samba. You just need to get the Linux boxes onto the Windows workgroup (default name: WORKGROUP). I'm trying to think of how I did this at home.

# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name
workgroup = (put your Windows Workgroup here)
netbios name = (Give the machine a name)

# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field
server string = (optional machine description)

wins server = (IP address of either your network server or your router)

That's cut and pasted from a Linux box here at work, so I'm not sure what I did at home, but I believe I used the router IP as the wins server value. The keys here (as best I understand it, which isn't much) are the Workgroup name and the WINS server.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, this didn't seem to solve the problem.. oh well!
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