What's the best place for a picnic on the Stanford campus?
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What's the best place for a picnic on the Stanford campus?
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Best answer: The New Guinea sculpture garden is pretty great. It's a short walk from the Tresidder student union.
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The Oval. There's parking + if the weather's nice, ultimate frisbee and volleyball are likely going on.
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You can dine at the Gates of Hell. There's circular benches but I don't recall any picnic tables.
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The gardens by the mausoleum (cactus garden and others) are also pretty. (Or were, *coughcough* years ago.
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Another vote for the cactus garden. Also, if Lake Lag is behaving, it can be a neat place to hang out.
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Best answer: There are picnic tables at the Rodin Sculpture garden, and there may have been a lone picnic table near the cactus garden, not sure if it's still there. Otherwise you'll want a blanket.

The grass outside the mausoleum is kept super nice, and it's shady. It might be a little creepy for some, but it's beautiful (the weeping angel is gorgeous). After 4pm you can park for free at the Quarry Rd lot, and there is an entrance to the paths there. There is a ton of construction going on over there at the Children's hospital so just be aware.
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