How's the Castro Castle?
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So, I just booked 3 nights at the Castro Castle in San Francisco. How is this going to be?

Looking for places in SF for a planned vacation and came up with nothing I could afford.

I dug around for B&Bs and this baby popped up. Looks awesome.

It's owned by Dennis Peron, who is a wildly interesting person. (I now have Dennis Peron's cell phone number, so that's.... something)

Has anybody stayed there or knows somebody who has? I obviously know the area and am aware that being a straight guy with his girlfriend will not be the norm. We are not unfamiliar or at all uncomfortable with gay folks and have family friends in the community.

Additionally, is there any "can't miss" stuff in the neighborhood? We have a lot of stuff planned, but we'll be there for 3 full days in the middle of September and want to maximize the fun. Any great restaurants or bars in the area would be greatly appreciated.

And yes, I read the article about a raid for child porn performed by a dirty cop. Looks as if the charges were dropped and the whole thing wreaks of police over zealousness.

If nothing else, this will be memorable.
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The Castro is more and more full of straight folks these days. You won't be looked at twice in your straightness.
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Also, what specific dates? September 23rd is Folsom Street Fair (NSFW!) which is the big leather/fetish street fair. It's not in the Castro, but events and attendees spill over.
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Response by poster: We're there the 12th - 15th
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Best answer: Frances is right up the street - one of the best restaurants in the country. You can probably still snag a late reservation.
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Response by poster: Thank you gyusan! I just booked the last table available for that Thursday.
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Best answer: In that vein, around the corner on 16th is Starbelly, and down on 18th are Delfina, Tartine, Bi-Rite, um... that's just the ones that have been around for a while. If you head down 18th and turn right on Valencia, there are many new cafes/restaurants/boutiques... I can't keep up.
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Heh... The 'Castro Castle' is across the street from my house! Well, one block west. Fun, weird-looking place... can't tell you anything about it, though -- didn't even know it was a B&B.

You're in for a treat at Frances. Let me know if you have specific questions about the neighborhood.
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You won't find yourself out of the norm, as a heterosexual couple in the Castro. Times have changed. Two reviews on yelp for a place in the Bay area and no reviews on tripadvisor is a bit of a red flag for me...

I second going to Frances if you're staying locally!

Also, who knew that geocities was still around?
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17th/Church is barely the Castro anyway.
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Best answer: I've known a number of people who lived there over the years. Interesting is a good word for Dennis. It should at least give you some good stories about your visit to SF. I will say that it's a great location. There are loads of restaurants and bars and so on near there, both in the Castro and the Mission, and you're close to multiple bus and streetcar lines.

Look through older posts about San Francisco, but you're a very short walking distance from Valencia Street, Bi-rite, Dolores Park, Mission Dolores, the Castro Theater, and so on.

I'll put in a plug for the GLBT Historical Museum.
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Never heard of the Castro Castle and I can't comment on its quality, but you will not have any weirdness about being straight and walking around with your girlfriend. Straight people go to gay bars and certainly are all over the Castro in general (and plenty of LGBT individuals live all over the city). You won't stick out or be out of the norm unless you're acting like a jerk, at which point you'd stick out for asking like a jerk no matter where you are. Have a great trip!
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I'd second Castro Theater, there's always something fun playing. The neighboring cookies at Hot Cookie are memorable and delish. Valencia Street has lots of great food (big fan of Dosa and Cafe Ethiopia). For a fun lunch you could always grab a sandwich from Bi-Rite deli and take it to Dolores Park. (Btw, there are many great and novel ice cream places in the Mission, including Bi-Rite, Xanath and Humphrey Slocombe.)

There are also a ton of cool murals around the Mission area and one on Church, if you want to do some walking. Clarion Alley is my favorite, can get a teensy bit seedy sometimes, but the art can be very thought-provoking (changes every so often).
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