Where can I get a really great haircut in Chicago?
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Where can I get a really great haircut in Chicago?

I've been so busy I haven't had a haircut in over a year. I would like a really great haircut. I live in Chicago and I am female. I have long hair and I would like some sort of elegant-but-hip long layers that are slightly rock-and-roll. I am willing to pay a bit of money for this.

Please tell me if you know of a place that can provide this and about how much it will cost.
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I went to Milio's on Belmont for years (my stylist recently switched to a different salon, Fix, but I don't know how the rest of the folks at Fix are. My person is great, but I also have very short hair). They're pretty reasonably priced (~40 bucks shampoo cut and style).

I've been seeing my particular stylist exclusively for maybe 3 years, but before that I just bounced around. Everyone I saw did a great job.
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I've been quite happy with the skill and aesthetic of Urban Lift. I pay somewhere around $50-$60 for a shampoo, cut, and style. I don't personally know anyone who has broken up with their stylist at Urban Lift and gone elsewhere. I think it's accurate to call the salon "slightly rock-and-roll."
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Seconding Milio's. I've been going to Billy there for 15 years.
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Tiffany at Twisted Scissors at the Southern end of Logan Square has given me great long and short cuts for about 4 years. They definitely have the slightly rock-and-roll thing going on (a lot of the women have crazy-colored hair) but most of the clientele I've seen in there get haircuts that aren't that out there. It's around $30-35ish for a cut.
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Best answer: I really love Black Hearts Hair House. Kat should be able to handle that type of cut really well. It's be about $50, without tip.

The last woman (Jenna) I saw at Sine Qua Non (Lakeview, roughly 3400 N Lincoln) is another option. She's $65.
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I recently moved out of Chicago, and am devastated that I can no longer see Alyse at Strange Beauty Show. She's an amazing stylist, and the salon itself is great... very casual, new art displays all the time, funky atmosphere. Alyse is incredibly attentive and thorough. I've heard other stylists at the salon are good, too.
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Loved loved Sine Qua Non in Andersonville (and had a fab updo done for a special occasion at the Lakeview location). Jennifer was really great.
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Best answer: Seconding Black Hearts Hair House, though I ended up following my stylist (Tiffany) from there to Eclipse Salon on Diversey when she left Black Hearts. Either of those would be great destinations for a the kind of haircut you're after - though Milios is another solid choice for rock-and-roll-ish cuts, and I've heard good things about Twisted Scissors too. Lots of great suggestions to pick from here!
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Second Twisted Scissors. Jamie gave me a cut so good last December when I told her I wanted to let it grow for a while that I didn't think about another until last month - SEVEN MONTHS this haircut looked good. That has NEVER happened before! Now I have the length I want and an appointment with Jamie next week, yeah!
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I don't live in Chicago anymore but when I come back to visit I still make time to see my old stylist (Laura at Red 7 near the Merch Mart). She cut my hair for five years and cut my hair short, long, and everything in between. Bonus that Red 7 is a great salon -- everyone there is super nice, it's got a very comfortable (but not downscale) vibe, and it seems very well-run (people really seem to like working there).
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J. Gordon Design on Clark St in Lincoln Park and ask for "Lauren." - Check the Yelp ratings. She's the best although all the stylists are very good.

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Best answer: Black Hearts Hair House
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Response by poster: I went to black heart hair house and got a great cut from Nicholas. Will go there again. Thanks for all the ideas.
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