Can I add a second news page to my wordpress website?
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I run my record label website using wordpress. There is the main page where i can post news updates, pictures, video's, etc... Is there a way to add a second separate updatable page on the same site? (more to follow)

I want to use the main page for big story updates and would probably only be updated once a week or so...
The other page I'd like to be updated multiple times a day with various label related items....

I'd like to keep it all in house on one page. I have considered opening up a separate WP site or a tumblr page, that I can link to, but I'd really prefer to keep it all in-house...

is this doable?
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Yes. Within WP, I think the thing you are looking for is "Pages" vs "Posts". WP gives you every bell and whistle imaginable to configure such a site. You may find that there are plugins and themes that make what you are trying to accomplish borderline trivial. Good luck!
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Sure. Create a blog category called Updates. Tell the homepage to exclude the Updates category from appearing. Optionally, also tell your blog homepage (if you have one) to exclude that category.

Your new Updates page will be in a standard Wordpress structure.
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To expand on milqman's answer, there are two categories we're talking about here, Pages and Posts.

Posts are these things:
- Big Story Updates
- Etc.

Pages are these things:
- Main page for big story updates
- Blog page for all of the above.

So when you make a new Page for the blog, make sure it will display ALL your Posts by setting it up to display all categories of posts.
Then edit the Main Page to only display the category for Big Story Update Posts.
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These folks all have the answer, it's Pages vs Post. However, and this is a semi-important distinction, if you have a custom template, you MAY not have a good place for this new page (and/or its associated menu) to fit, or it simply may not appear at all, OR you may have to move the associated widget into a position on the template...if the template supports widgets.
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Thanks for the answers everyone. In keeping with the etiquette of the board, I have not posted my website address. If you want to reach out to me, Ill provide it to you so that you can see the theme I am using and if your potential answers will work.....thanks again.
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